Cell Therapy Ltd is a British pioneer in Regenerative Medicine.
We develop life saving and life changing regenerative medicines.
Regenerative Medicines for Life.

Founded in 2009 by Nobel prize winner Professor Sir Martin Evans and Ajan Reginald, former Global Head of Emerging Technologies at Roche, CTL develops life-saving and life altering regenerative medicines. CTL’s team of scientists, physicians, and experienced management have discovered and developed a pipeline of world-class regenerative medicines.

Sir Martin Evans' unique expertise in discovering rare stem cells led to CTL’s innovative drug discovery engine that can uniquely isolate very rare and potent tissue specific stem cells. This exceptional class of cells is then engineered into unique disease-specific cellular regenerative medicines. Each medicine is disease specific and forms part of CTL’s world-class portfolio of four off the shelf ‘blockbuster’ medicines all scheduled for launch before 2020.

The products in late stage clinical trials include Heartcel™ which regenerates the damaged heart of adults with coronary artery malformations and children with Kawasaki Disease and Bland White Garland Syndrome. In 2014, Heartcel™ reported unprecedented heart regeneration clinical trial results and is scheduled to launch in 2018 to treat ~400,000 patients worldwide. Myocardion™ is in Phase II/III trials and treats mild-moderate heart failure affecting 10 million patients worldwide. Tendoncel™ is the world’s first topical regenerative medicine, for early intervention of severe tendon injuries, and has completed Phase II trials. It is designed to treat the >1 million severe tendon injuries each year in the US and Europe. Skincel™ is for skin regeneration, and is due to complete Phase II trials in 2015. It is designed to address ulceration and wrinkles.

CTL combines world-class science and management expertise to bring life-saving regenerative medicines to market.